Welcome to ‘Derds’, an edgy animated series that lampoons modern urban hipster lifestyle through the wild and often surreal adventures of its ensemble cast of eccentric misfits.


With its two hipster protagonists, best-buddies Dre and Ip navigating a city where vampire drug dealers, megalomaniacal bodega owners, alien proctologist and talking cat-pizzas seem to come out of nowhere, the chances for ridiculous adventure is great.





To put it frankly, this is Drey’s world, the rest of us are just living in it. Fun-loving, confident, charismatic and always chill, Drey is, in many ways the driving force of the show. He prides himself on being a ‘big brother’ to his best bud, and roommate Ip, often coaching his forlorn friend with unorthodox advice followed by  the suggestion to ‘Come on in and hug-it out’.


Due to his enthusiastic imbibing in medicinal herb-age, Drey constantly leaves a trail of haze and smoke wherever he goes. This habit also tends to make him a bit paranoid and he’s constantly seeing the world thru a conspiracy theory colored lens. Never one to sit back, his desire to expose these theories leads to many of his and Ips adventures.


Drey works at a local spy-gear shop, is huge music buff, though he can never remember any band’s names and considers himself a master in the discipline of Kung-Fu, though he’s never taken a

lesson in his life.




Ip is a sensitive romantic who’d like nothing more than to stop and smell the roses, if he only knew how to find them.  A mamma’s boy, he holds great respect for women and authority, and tries his best to behave like a gentlemen in all situations—though when it comes to finding a girlfriend he just doesn’t have that much game, perhaps because he’s already in love with neighborhood ‘it-girl’ Suzy who keeps him in the friendzone.


A people-pleaser, Ip generally doesn’t like to rock the boat, and at times seems content to let life pass him by, but thanks to his best buddy Drey’s more daring approach, Ip comes in contact with people and situations he’s never find on his own.


He likes to spend time with his homing pigeons and remote control helicopters, living vicariously through their flight from his roof to destinations all over the city.





The neighborhood ‘it’ girl. She’s super positive, conscientious and shy, seemingly unaware that every guy she meets pretty much falls in love with her. She’s a mix of tom-boy, nerd and natural beauty and has Ip wrapped around her finger.


She’s not above leveraging his attraction to get him to take care of things for her. She and Drey are old friends—perhaps even old flames, though neither will admit it in front of Ip.


Her personal life is often filled with drama due to the dramatic change in her personality when she drinks, and the crazy situations she gets herself into because of it. If she’s typically shy, when she drinks she turns into a hellcat, leading on men and women with her sudden sultry ways. Her one saving grace: she knows that Ip and Drey will always come to her rescue to sort things out.






Ip and Drey’s uber-eccentric neighbor down the hall who’s a bit obsessed with Ip. What goes on in his apartment is a bit of a mystery, but Dre is constantly sending Ip over to get eggs, or sugar or batteries, much to Ip’s chagrin.


Kenneth always shows up at his door to great Ip with no pants on, making Ip extremely uncomfortable. Every time Kenneth ignores Ips requests to borrow supplies and instead repeats in a deep voice, ‘Look at it, Ip. Loooook at it’.


Kenneth often shows up in the strangest of places outside the apartment in outlandish get-ups and costumes.





Mr. Hapi


Mr Happy is a small business owner in the neighborhood whose store sits right below Drey and Ips apartment. High-strung, megalomaniacal, and frustrated, Mr Happy is bitter over his failure to capture his dream of ruling the world.


Instead he’s married to a cuckolding, money-grubbing wife, stuck with a dim-witted son that’s clearly not his, saddled with debt and constantly having to serve people he sees as beneath him.


Always, scheming, always shifty, Mr Happy is constantly tranforming his storefront into a completely different business. One week it’s a bodega, the next a drug store or sandwich shop, or menswear store—there really seems to be no rhyme or reason to it, other than his obsessive nature to try to improve business—which fails.


He often comes up with hare-brained schemes to make fast money, destroy the neighborhood, kill his wife, or deport his son but every time his plans are foiled—often by Drey and Ip





Mr and Mrs Happy’s son, though he bears zero resemblance to Mr Happy (but a striking resemblance to Mrs Happy’s chauffeur).  Jeep isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer but tries his hardest to impress Mr Happy by helping out at the store in the hopes to bond with him—but to no avail.


Mr Happy constantly reminds him that he’s not his son, but still, it doesn’t deter Jeep from trying his best to one day be accepted.




Mrs. Hapi


Mr Happy’s nagging, entitled wife. If she isn’t screaming at her husband to do something with his life, she’s screaming at him to give her more money. She shops all the time, driven around by chauffeur whom she’s obviously having an affair with.


She dotes on her spoiled son Jeep, constantly berating her husband for not being a better father to him.






Mr. Chang


Proprietor of Chang’s Chi Alignment Center.


Spiritual Advisor, Herbalist, Medicine Man and Psychologist. Changs methods are quite unorthodox and sometimes borderlining illegal. A purveyor of strong hallucinogens he is always up for partaking in a trip with his clients to heighten spiritual awareness and find their "inner-selves".

Bartender Barb


A scene veteran and ‘mixologist’ at Ip and Drey’s favorite bar The Bearded Mermaid.  She’s been around the block and has seen it all, from the heady days of the punk rock scene to the current homogenized state of the city. Despite her history she still acts young—changing her look up with different wigs and makeup—her deep raspy voice the only obvious give away to her years.


She loves handing out advice on life and loves to share stories of her sexual romps with the musicians that have played over the years at the Bearded Mermaid.


She’s not above slipping a handsome customer a roofie in the hopes of getting lucky, but never follows through, other than calling a car for the unconscious dude to get home.








Lucias is Mrs. Hapis “personal driver” but there is no reason for her to have a personal driver. He doesn’t talk much but when he does it’s some sort of mumble about the old days.






Cat Pizza


Sometimes you just get lucky?






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