With Ip depressed over his unrequited crush on Suzi, Drey tries to change Ip’s luck with the ladies by getting his buddy’s chi aligned at the neighborhood Chinese herbalist. The therapy backfires, turning Ip into a ridiculously misogynistic pheromone machine.


Meanwhile, Mr Hapi employs Jeep to help him release Hypno-Gas into the city streets in an attempt to hypnotize the entire city to buy lottery tickets at his bodega.


Drey and Ip grow suspicious when Suzi’s new boyfriend shows rather dark tendencies, sending Drey on a Ninja inspired mission to uncover the truth. Unfortunately for him and all the medicinal smokers in town: Suzi’s new boyfriend is a pot dealing vampire.


So, the boys hatch a plan that makes perfect sense: find a lunatic and a devout Catholic priest and have Ip consume enough garlic knots to turn his digestive track into the ultimate vampire killing machine.


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